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Jacksonville, FL Criminal Defense

Proven Jacksonville FL Criminal Defense Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

Jacksonville FL criminal defense attorney - man holding handcuffsArmstrong Law Group, P.A. is an experienced Jacksonville FL criminal defense law firm committed to representing those charged with a crime and those under investigation for a potential legal matter.

Our Jacksonville FL criminal defense attorney represents individuals facing prosecution in Duval County and the surrounding counties of Northeast Florida. If you, a loved one, or friend is facing criminal prosecution by the State of Florida, it is imperative that you only hire experienced and aggressive legal counsel. Hiring someone fresh out of law school or hiring someone who only dabbles with criminal cases could be a recipe for disaster and could cost you, your loved one, or acquaintance their very freedom. If you find yourself in need of advice pick up the phone and call our office today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as the consultation is one hundred percent free and confidential. Contact our firm by clicking on the email dialogue box or call us directly at 904-356-8618. Things can get better. Let us put our experience to work for you today.

How Can an Experienced Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Help You?

Don’t let an inexperienced
criminal lawyer jeopardize
your very freedom. Make
sure you ask any potential
counsel how many criminal
cases they have defended.
We have defended more
than one thousand cases.

First and foremost experience does count. To that end, our law firm has defended over one thousand clients over the years from charges as minor as simple traffic offenses to attempted murder and murder cases. The cases we have defended and do defend range from misdemeanors to life felonies. Understanding the law is one very important aspect of a good legal advocate for your case. In addition, experience navigating the practical day to day inner workings of the local justice system is truly a skill set that comes only with experience and dedication. Given our historical experience with defending those alleged to have violated the law, we are prepared and fully capable to go the extra distance to defend your rights.

We fully understand that being arrested or in fear of being arrested is a daunting experience that can cause stress, fatigue, and outright terror. The good news is we have the skill and experience that can help you even the odds as it relates to your case. Our experience is based on the fact that we have aggressively defended over one thousand cases over the last thirteen years. Our firm is built to quickly get you or a loved one in for a free consultation and to work on getting you or your loved one the help they deserve fast. This starts with getting the individual out of jail if they were incarcerated for the alleged offense. Next, we focus on quickly investigating the case to learn as much about the facts as we can. This assists us in talking to witnesses while the witnesses may still have fresh memories as to what may have actually happened. To get help contact an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer today.

We next focus on getting your charges dropped or working up the case for the most favorable result. While this may primarily depend on the facts of your case a skilled advocate can use those facts to your best advantage. Many times we are able to get a client out of the criminal justice system and into a deferred prosecution program before charges are ever filed. While no attorney can guarantee absolute results we do find the above approach to defending a case can dramatically improve the chances of success. To that end, our law firm will do everything to help you navigate the confusing legal system and to obtain the best possible results for your respective case.

Why Hire a Local Criminal Attorney?

Jacksonville FL criminal defense lawyer - man with handcuffs onMost individuals do not know the extreme benefit of hiring local counsel to defend their legal case. A local Jacksonville FL criminal defense lawyer will have experience and a comfort level handling the day to day intricacies of the justice system in Duval and the surrounding counties of northeast Florida. On a practical level, knowing the inside and out of the local criminal justice system can have a tremendous advantage to the client. It is important to remember that a criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, Florida can give you the legal representation you deserve with an firm understanding of the local justice system. Getting the best result for you case is more likely when you hire a legal advocate who has familiarity practicing in the local courthouse on a regular basis. Local legal counsel will know who is prosecuting the case and be familiar with the Judge who is overseeing the case. This is based on a mutual work environment in which a truly experienced litigator works within week in and week out. Understanding what motivates these individuals and how they work, based on years of experience and a mutual work setting, is an absolute must if you want success in your case. Not understanding these matters could greatly infringe upon your case and possible lead to incarceration in the future.

Let our Jacksonville FL Criminal Defense Attorney Start Helping You Today

Our law firm has earned a reputation for zealously representing clients that is second to none. We have proudly built a reputation to diligently and aggressively represent all client regardless of the nature and type of charge. Our background is built on the hard work and tenacious hours we put in on all of our cases. Here, you will not get a paper pushing advocate. Rather, you will get an experienced and dedicated professional who spends nearly every day inside a northeast Florida courtroom. In short, this is what we do and what we enjoy doing the most.

Contact an Aggressive Jacksonville Criminal Attorney

Most people who contact our law office with a legal matter do not know what to expect or how they should proceed. Questions and fear regarding their future take over during this very stressful time. However, you can rest assured that the hiring of an experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer in Jacksonville, or the surrounding counties of northeast Florida, may make matters much better. When you hire our law firm you will be getting a skilled and passionate advocate for your case. It doesn’t matter what type of charge you are facing our practice has experience dealing with the overwhelming majority of crimes in Northeast Florida.

The sooner our Jacksonville FL criminal defense attorney is able to get your case the sooner we can begin to develop and analyze evidence that may make a real difference in the outcome of the matter. Important matters such as witness statements, 911 tapes, police reports, and investigative reports should be viewed quickly and in the hands of someone who knows how to interpret this evidence. We have defended thousands of cases over the years and look forward to helping you with your case. Start today by contacting an experienced criminal attorney in Jacksonville.

We can be reached 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Contact us by simply clicking on the email dialogue box or call our firm directly at 904-356-8618.

Our dedicated Jacksonville FL criminal defense lawyers proudly represent clients in Duval, Clay, Nassau, St. Johns, Flagler and Baker Counties.