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Jacksonville, FL Domestic Violence

Experienced Jacksonville, FL Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are charged with domestic violence or any crime of violence it is very important that you hire an aggressive and experienced Jacksonville, FL domestic violence lawyer to handle your case. The State of Florida aggressively prosecutes those charged with crimes of violence, including domestic battery. Fortunately, we have defended hundreds of violence-related cases and have the skill and experience to fight for your rights. Importantly, I have represented hundreds of clients charged with domestic violence in Jacksonville and the surrounding counties of North Florida. Let me use my experience as a criminal defense attorney to assist you with your case today.

Many domestic violence cases we defend are brought in the form of a domestic battery charge. Similarly, we often defend cases involving simple battery or simple assault. In many of these cases we are to raise the defense(s) of self-defense, coming to the defense of another, and/or duress.

Moreover, many times the State of Florida may not have enough evidence to prosecute the crime under the law. In those cases, a motion to dismiss may be appropriate to make the case go away in its entirety.

As stated previously, our firm has experience in defending violence-related cases. As Jacksonville FL domestic violence lawyers, we have defended cases in Duval, St. Johns, Flagler, Clay, Nassau, Putnam, Bradford, Alachua, Columbia and Baker Counties, to name a few.

Our ability to recognize deficiencies in the State’s case and to take a case to trial, if needed, may result in: the charges being dismissed, much of the evidence being suppressed [thrown out], or a possible acquittal at trial. Of course, the facts of each case are different and no attorney, pursuant to Florida Bar Rules, can promise guaranteed results.

Our firm represent clients with violence charges ranging from simple assault to attempted murder and murder. Such charges include, but are not limited to:

Simple Battery

A simple battery is generally defined as an actual or intentional touching or striking of another person against the will of that person; or intentionally causing bodily harm to another person.

Most simple battery prosecutions are brought as a misdemeanor charge. However, the charge may be aggravated to a felony if (1) the injuries to the alleged victim involve serious bodily injury, (2) the alleged victim is an elderly person, or (3) if the person accused has been previously charged with a simple or domestic battery. For a full analysis of your case you should talk to an experienced attorney.

A felony battery may be charged as a third or second degree felony, depending on the facts of the case. Certainly, for those facing a felony battery charge the stakes are far higher as the person charged will be defending a felony, versus misdemeanor, case.

Domestic Battery

Domestic violence cases are often brought in the form of a domestic battery charge. Domestic battery and domestic violence cases are aggressively prosecuted by the State of Florida. If you find yourself charged or accused with domestic battery it is very important you consult with an experienced attorney to defend your case. I have defended numerous domestic violence cases in the past, many through trial.

Child Abuse

Any infliction of physical or mental injury upon a child can be classified as child abuse. The State of Florida aggressively prosecutes cases of child abuse. Child abuse is a serious charge and should be defended by an attorney or law firm with experience defending these types of cases.

Child Neglect

Child neglect cases are aggressively prosecuted by the State Attorney’s Office and you should only hire experienced counsel when defending any child neglect case. Our firm has experience defending child abuse and child neglect cases.

Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse cases are generally brought in the form of a domestic battery charge. In some cases, where it is unclear who was the initial aggressor, both spouses may be arrested for the reduced charge of “fighting.” If you are arrested for spousal abuse, formally known as domestic battery, it is very important you hire an experienced attorney who has defended numerous domestic battery and fighting charges in the past.


A affray violation is also called a fighting charge. It is generally different than a simple battery charge in that the crime itself is not a violation of the Florida Criminal Statutes. Rather, the charge of an affray or fighting is a violation of the Jacksonville City Municipal Code. Other surrounding counties and cities of North and Central Florida have enacted their own version of a fighting or affray charge.

As the name implies, a fighting charge basically means just that. Namely, where one or more people engage in a physical confrontation that does not, or may not, rise to the level of a simple battery. A person charged with a fighting or an affray charge may face up to 60 days in jail if convicted of this offense.

To discus your case contact our Jacksonville, FL domestic violence lawyers today.