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Jacksonville & Northeast Florida Representation for Drug Charge Cases

Committed Jacksonville, FL Drug Charges Lawyer

The legal ramifications of being [allegedly] caught with even a small amount of an illegal narcotic can often subject you to five (5) years in the Florida State Prison. Obviously, the need to hire an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your drug possession, drug sale, or trafficking case should be a top priority. Moreover, if you are charged with drug trafficking the ramifications of a conviction can be much more severe. At Armstrong Law Group, P.A., I have experience defending hundreds drug cases, from simple misdemeanor possession to armed trafficking. Call our firm first if you need an experienced Jacksonville, FL drug charge lawyer or experienced Jacksonville drug possession attorney to defend your narcotics possession case. We also defend possession cases in the surrounding counties of North and Central Florida.

The seriousness of being arrested for sale of narcotics, often simply called a “sales” case, is far greater than being arrested for a felony possession case. This is so due to the fact that a sale of narcotics charge is generally filed as a second, versus third, degree felony. Moreover, under certain circumstances a sale case can be filed as a first degree felony. Call us first if you need an experienced Jacksonville drug sale attorney to defend your case.

The potential legal ramifications are even higher for those charged with drug trafficking. The drug trafficking statute has embedded within in it a section that carries with it minimum mandatory jail sentences depending on the amount of the narcotic allegedly possessed. Call our firm first if you need an experienced Jacksonville trafficking attorney to defend your drug trafficking case. We also defend drug trafficking cases in the surrounding counties of North and Central Florida

As stated previously, our firm has experience defending drug possession, drug sale(s), and drug trafficking cases. We have defended cases in Duval, Clay, Nassau, Putnam, Alachua, Columbia and Baker Counties. The benefits of hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney for your drug related case should be paramount.

In many possession cases, we are able to get a client’s case into a diversionary program before formal charges are filed. What is a diversionary program? The two most common diversionary programs are pretrial intervention and drug court. Both programs require you to participate in each respective program and to do the things, e.g. pay fine, work hours, drug testing, required to stay in the program. When you have completed doing what the program requires, the State agrees to not file formal charges against you.

However, in many cases the State proceeds quickly to filing formal charges in felony and/or misdemeanor court. Here is where litigation experience becomes very important. In many cases, drugs are found on individuals while they are in an automobile or home/apartment. There is extensive case law on the books that may protect you from an illegal search in such circumstances. The remedy for this is brought in the form of a “motion to suppress the evidence.” If enough evidence can successfully be suppressed due to its illegality, your case may go away in its entirety. Moreover, many times drugs were found in a home/apartment based on a legally insufficient search warrant. Again, the warrant, and the items secured by police based on the bad warrant, may be subject to a motion to suppress.

Our ability to recognize deficiencies in the State’s case and to take a case to trial, if needed, may result in: the charges being dismissed, much of the evidence being suppressed [thrown out], or a possible acquittal at trial. Of course, the facts of each case are different and no attorney, pursuant to Florida Bar Rules, can promise guaranteed results.

Our firm represents criminal defense clients on charges ranging from simple possession to major armed trafficking and/or cultivation charges. Such charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Marijuana Possession
  • Possession of Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, MDMA, and unauthorized prescription drugs such as Oxycontin, Lortab, Fluoritab and Demerol, to name a few.
  • Doctor Shopping
  • Prescription Fraud
  • Trafficking
  • Armed Trafficking
  • Drug Sales

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