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3rd DUI OffenseJacksonville, FL Third DUI Offense Attorney

If you have been arrested or charged with your 3rd driving under the influence offense, you must have a knowledgeable Florida lawyer who is experienced with the common law and Florida Statutes relevant to DUI cases. Similarly, your legal counsel should have prior experience defending DUI cases at trial. At our law firm, we will investigate and explore all factual and legal defenses associated with your case. An arrest or charge does not mean you will be convicted, but you will need to mount a solid legal defense from day one following your arrest if you are to be successful in defeating the charge. When it comes to a third DUI charge, an experienced legal advocate can literally mean the difference between you beating the charge or going to jail. Our firm has extensive experience handling DUIs and we have defended hundreds over the last 15 years in Duval County and the surrounding counties of northeast Florida. Let us put our experience, skill, and knowledge to work for you today. Contact an experienced Jacksonville DUI attorney at our firm to get the help you deserve today.

3rd Driving under the Influence Penalties

The consequences of a conviction for a 3rd DUI offense are very serious. If the prior driving under the influence conviction was within the last ten years, and you are convicted of the third offense, you will be fined up to $5,000 and you could be imprisoned for up to 5 years. There is a minimum 10 years driver’s license suspension (independent from the administrative suspension), but you may be eligible for a hardship license reinstatement after 2 years, depending on the age and nature of your prior DUI convictions. If convicted, an approved ignition interlock device must be installed at your expense for at least 2 years on ANY vehicle that you own or lease individually or jointly after you qualify for a license reinstatement. Also, the court will require 30 days of imprisonment in the county jail, and impoundment of all vehicles owned or leased by you for 90 days not during your incarceration, monthly probation visits, and completion of a substance abuse course with a psychological exam. If you are referred for treatment during the course, you are then required to pay for all evaluations, education, and treatment. You will also be required to attend advanced DUI school following your conviction.

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If the prior DUI conviction was more than ten years before, only the fines and jail time are different. The fine is between $2,000 and $5,000, up to one-year incarceration and the above-described penalties. If you had a person under the age of 18 in the vehicle or your breath or blood alcohol level was 0.15 or more, fines are up to $4,000 and the above-described penalties.

Anyone while driving under the influence that causes personal injury to another person or property damage will be charged with first-degree misdemeanor incurring $1,000 or less in fines or one year in jail. If the injury to the other person or persons is significant, you could face a felony DUI charge for serious bodily injury.

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