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Jacksonville & Northeast Florida Traffic Defense

Proven Jacksonville, FL Traffic Crimes Lawyer

There are many forms traffic offenses in the State of Florida. These range from relatively minor civil infractions to more serious criminal infractions. Examples of both include a simple speeding ticket (a civil infraction) to a more serious criminal matter such a driving with license suspended or revoked (usually a criminal charge that can be filed as a misdemeanor).

Traffic Violations – Issues

Traffic violations can cause two problems in an individual’s life.

  • First, if one gets too many points on his or her driver’s license for civil citations, e.g. speeding or running a red light, their license may ultimately be suspended for having too many points on their driving record. Many times when a person’s driver’s license has been suspended for too many points (or for other reasons) they continue to drive regardless of the suspension. Of course, driving in a modern society is nearly a necessity these days. However, should you get caught driving on a suspended or revoked license you could go to jail for the charge of driving with license suspended or revoked (“DWLS”).
  • Secondly, many times a person’s driver’s license gets suspended due to a DUI or for previously pleading to one, or more, DWLS charges. As you can see, once your license is suspended you may be caught in a vicious cycle of driving with a suspended license and continuously being arrested for driving on a suspended license.

To make matters worse, if you have accumulated enough points on your license or if you have previously been convicted or plead (regardless if the Court withholds adjudication) to a DUI or DWLS charge you may be classified as a habitual traffic offender (“HTO”) and your driver’s license will be suspended for five (5) years. Moreover, should you get caught driving while on a DWLS/HTO suspension you could be charged with a felony and go to prison for up to five (5) years.

Skilled and Proven Criminal Traffic Violation Representation in the Jacksonville, FL Area

At Armstrong Law Group, P.A. we represent clients who are currently being charged with some form of criminal traffic violation, e.g. DWLS or DUI, and defend these cases in criminal court. In addition, we represent individuals who have a current driver’s license suspension but have no pending case in criminal court as they have not been arrested for driving on their suspended license. These clients seek our counsel in order to get them their valid driver’s license so they can lawfully drive.

Contact our Trusted Jacksonville, FL Traffic Crimes Attorney to Get the Help You Need

We have represented hundreds of clients in the past for criminal traffic charges and for assistance in getting them a valid driver’s license. Let us use our experience and skill to help you with your traffic law situation today.