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Jacksonville & Northeast Florida Violation of Probation Cases

Dedicated Jacksonville, FL Probation Violation Lawyer

Call our office first if you need an experienced Jacksonville probation violation lawyer to defend your case. A violation of probation (“VOP”) is a serious matter that should only be handled by a lawyer or law firm experienced in handling these types of cases. Violation of probation cases are different in that you do not have a right to a trial by jury. Rather, you only have a right to a full hearing before a Judge to determine if your probation violation was “willful.”

Moreover, the standard for conviction in a VOP is lower than the standard of conviction for a new criminal charge. Namely, the Judge must only find by the greater weight of the evidence that a person has willfully violated his probation. This is a much lower standard that the traditional “beyond all reasonable doubt” standard required in all criminal cases.

As you can see, a violation of probation is a serious legal matter that should only be defended by an experienced Jacksonville violation of probation lawyer. We also defend violation of probation cases around North and Central Florida.

At Armstrong Law Group, P.A. we have experience representing hundreds clients facing VOP charges. We have represented clients in numerous VOP hearings over the last decade.

Contact our highly experienced Jacksonville, FL probation violation attorney today.